Over 30 years ago , Robin Branch suggested the need for a sports area where families could enjoy a multitude of activities in an easy reach location for the Dargaville community. Discussions were held but stalled as there was no agreement about how or where to put such a venue.

Fast forward years later to 2010, a group of likeminded people again looked into the prospect of a site where sports could be played in a safe and community orientated space.

Hal Harding , Kaipara District Councillor at the time raised the suggestion of Memorial Park in Logan Street. This location was supported as good option but at the time there was uncertainty of the need of such a facility, with rugby, netball and football all being played at different locations throughout Kaipara trying to meet the needs of each individual sports group.

In 2011 Sport Northland submitted to Kaipara District Council that a sports facility plan should be developed to establish the needs of the Northern Wairoa district. A grant was sourced from the ASB Trust to complete the plan as the KDC had insufficient funds to support this at the time.

In March 2012 Global Leisure Group (GLG) were employed to complete surveys, face-to-face consultation, and research about the area to assess the viability of a venue. His final document released in October 2012 recommended the development of a multi-sport hub at Memorial Park, which could be achieved with the help of a local board to push through with the recommendations.

2 Board members were elected by stakeholder groups and 5 Board members were appointed by an appointments Panel between December 2012 and March 2013. The newly elected board with the help of Sport Northland consulted with 11 possible stakeholder groups about their needs and wants. It was felt a further report was necessary to summarise some of these conversations and so a further grant was secured by Sport Northland from NZ Lotteries Board to complete a Feasibility Study  to assess the specifics of the project and what it would look like. This was completed in August 2014 and confirmed the need and potential of the sports venue in Dargaville

In September 2014, the first AGM was held and the board  adopted the constitution of an existing organization called Kaipara Recreational Facilities Society, which was originally established to develop the Dargaville Skate Park . An amendment was made to the constitution allowing a name change to Kauri Coast Recreational Society INC.

A geotechnical report, concept design and QS report were completed, thankfully via a grant from the Pub Charities and  Griffiths and Associates  became project managers for the venue now known as Sportsville Dargaville.

It was evidence that further funding was needed to enable the design and creation of a building that suited the needs of a multitude of sports and so applications were successfully made to NZ Lotteries Grants Board grants and Pub Charity grants in 2016. These final sums allowed the project to progress with building work commencing on site at Memorial Park in November 2017.

Sportsville Dargaville finally opened their doors, after many years in deliberation, design and creation, on Saturday 29th September 2018.  The facility was opened by the Hon. Grant Robertson, Minister of Sport and Recreation.